BOD Minutes February 2013


Meeting called to order at approx. 6:15 by President Elaine Thomas

Minutes were approved as they had already been read via email and approved

Sonja Biada, would like to see if we could show who is in attendance at each meeting on the minutes. Secretary will add the names at each meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Sherry $15456.20 after Jutta’s airfare and all expense.  Elaine, would like it keep Jutta’s in a separate report for Jutta’s clinic.   We needed the password to get on line for Sherry.  Sherry needs to get the password.  Elaine, was the main person to set account.  Elaine, to go to bank and see if she can straighten out.

Old Business:

  • Spring Fling Update– Contract from Judge and Cygnet received.  Cygnet, would like to have some place for their boarders to ride.  Discussion on which arena.  Split the big arena down below and the round pen.  NO LESSONS will be going on. M. Woollard, will talk to the trainer to make sure no lessons.  MW, to check on “day stalls”.  Ed, develop a flyer for the show.  MMatzen, will make up a flyer.  Opening 3/11/2013.  Elaine, to send out a “blast” via ODS.  2 weeks later do another one.  Discussion on Sponsorship letter with Michelle W and Sherry.  Volunteers: Michele M. to take over from Sherry with coordinating “volunteers list”.
  • Dressage in State of Jefferson Updates – Elaine

TD contract – Barb Funk, signed

Sec/Mgr Contract- Kaye no contract yet, she has her own.

Judge – signed contract Diane Rieyl Rodgriguez

Copies to USEF/DF/ODS licensing to Kaye

Sent Kaye the “how to have a show” manual with a few adjustments

SEF/USDF recognition sent, but nothing back.

W-9 Sherry reminded that we need to send those out. Destination End and Expo, Cygnet, etc.

Amateur Adult Camp – Robin

Waiting for signed contract.  Robin, contacted Jeremy and he has us on the calendar. For August 29th – Sept. 1st.  Set-up a final date for Jeremy, to notify us.  Robin, to contact him again nail him down for a date.   Plan B proposals where asked of the Board  (tape ran out HELP!!!!)

Youth Outreach Program – Michelle Wollard had some ideas (again tape ran out and I only got the last part?) Reaching out to HS Equestrian and contact instructors for youth. Instructors get together and set up a format for youth. Discussion on a  “Mission statement” for Comm. , get together document to apply for funds.  Est. funds from club(fund raisers).  Setting up a scholarship thru ODS.

Website Update – We have met with one website person (Roxanne) and she gave us an proposal of $1400.00 Michele M. is checking on another person, also.  Roxanne, also to maintain $35.00 @ month.  We could use profit from shows/clinics to help pay.  HTML poses WordPress MMatzen to ask Dennis, which way to go with that.

Jutta Clinic – Per Carol it is filled.

Western Dressage @ Expo –   We will be lending them our arena and in lew of rent for our arena they are giving us a Free Ticket.  Elaine, to decide who will get ticket.

New Business

Budget Comm. – setting up a budget for 2013.  Rachel, Sherry and Elaine to make-up committee .

Membership renewals – Michele to contact Corrinne to get an updated list and start calling those that have not joined as of yet.

NW Horse Fair – reminder that this is coming up on March 22,23,24th and we may have some of our members riding in it.  A “blast” to all members to possibly make a “State of Jefferson Day” (members wanting to go, possible carpool).

TXT msg to members -Talk of having some sort of blast sent out to members for last minute things.

Donna Longacre 4hr Clinic – We have a certificate for a 4 hr clinic we discussed turning it over to the Youth Group and letting them add time onto that.  Up to the Youth Membership Comm. To work this out.

Next Meeting –  Will be a General Meeting.  It will be a “Video and Pizza Night” to be held at Robin Borg’s residents.  2156 West Hillside Dr. Central Point.  Date to be announced.

Meeting adjourned – 8:07