BOD Minutes April 2013

Minutes for 4/3/2013

Meeting called to order at approx. 6:15 by President Elaine Thomas

Attendance: Elaine Thomas, Michelle Woollard, Carol Taylor, Rachel Meursi, Sonja Biada, Marissa Douser, Sherry Walker, Robin Borg, Ellen Ahern, Jeff Parr and Michele Matzen.

Minutes: Were sent out and read. Rachel M. made a motion to approve. Sherry W. 2

Treasure’s Report – Sherry W: Bal as of today $15, 053.20. President Elaine T. asked for any outstanding receipts. None.


Old Business:

Spring Fling Update – Elaine, has 28 paid entries as of today. Poss. Sonja will bring it up to 40 rides – Elaine, also brought up that there are special rated for Jr. riders.

Volunteers –Michele, waiting for more responses – Ed, will not be available for arena set-up. Dennis, will be helping. Michele W. will be getting the “bucket” from Ed.

Sponsorships/Advertising – Michelle W., Michelle W and Robin B are working on getting sponsors. Michelle hitting up her family, they have been very generous. Sherry and Robin have contacted several businesses, waiting for response back. Robin, advised that she will be including small prizes to First Place.

Youth Committee Report – Sonja B., still working on “mission statement”, purpose and how all this Youth funding will work. The application for ODS is still being worked on, also. Jutta Clinic report: Carol T., advised that the March clinic made a total of $17.00. we covered all regular expenses. The May clinic is “FULL” and we have a waiting list projected profit $250.00. Michelle & Ed will host Jutta for the weekend.

Website -Jeff – Elaine, introduced Jeff Parr a website developer, also an SJD member. He basically went over how he would set-up our site. Explained “word press” that he would use for our site. He is projecting it will initially cost $2000.00 and $50.00@hr. The $50.00 would be used in a rare case. He would also like to train a couple of people so they may be able to update the website. There was some discussion on photo copyrights. Suggestion was made to add “releases” for photographs on the show entry forms. Elaine, asked Jeff if we would “own” the sight? He says as soon as he completes it and turns it over to us, it is ours. Motion to except Jeff Parr as our Website Developer by Michele Matzen, seconded by Sherry W. 2013 Budget – Sherry, passed out 2013 Budget. If we do the website and various sponsorships it could put us $5000. less. This brought up the discussion of having a ceiling on our annual spending. Michele M. made a motion to maintain a BALANCE of no less than $10,000 in our club account. Rachel M. 2 motion. Michele M., Michelle W. motion to pass budget.

Logo – Sherry W. passed around some logos that her hubby had designed. A contest is in the works to see if we can get chapter members involved in this project.

Topic/location for next general member meeting – Elaine, had a suggestion that we had such a GREAT!!! turnout at our last general meeting where we had an open discussion on different issues that we should try and follow this format. Some suggestions: Show Entry forms(filling out??) Sonja B. suggested possibly sharing training issues/problems. We are looking at Sonja place right now for the next meeting.

Discussion on the Klamath League show dates: 5/25, 6/15, 7/20, 9/21. We need more info on these shows, not in the Omnibuss.

Rachel, reported on the ODS Board Meeting. All persons on any show ground when mounted MUST wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet. . Also, advised of the Gerd Heuschmann symposium in October 2013 in Salem.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:59 p.m.