BOD Minutes June 2013

SOJ Board Minutes 6/5/2013

Meeting Called to order @ 6:10 p.m.

Attendance: Rachel Merusi, Sherry Walker, Elaine Thomas, Ellen Ahern, Jeff Parr, Ed Miller, Robin Borg.

Minutes – Michele : Minutes had been sent out via email after last meeting and approved.  Elaine, would like the minutes to be approved and then posted to the website. Rachel made the motion, Sherry 2nd.

Treasurer’s Report –Sherry:  We have a balance of $16,072.16 as of the 31st of May.  Jutta’s clinic made a $202., after expenses.

Jutta Clinic report – Sherry: There was some confusion in regards to the “release forms”  They must be filled out each time.

SJD/Scholarship – Michelle Woollard: The committee(scholarship) came up with an application.  Elaine, went over the history of the scholarship.  Adjustments were made to the application/guidelines by the BOD.  Michele M., made the motion.  Ellen A. 2nd.

The candidate funding selection will be made by the BOD. Elaine, made the motion to adjustments, 2nd by Michele M.

There was some discussion on the perpetuation of this “scholarship”.  Ed, brought up the fact that we had already voted to budget $2,500 each year. Adult Amateur Camp-Elaine:  Elaine, brought up the fact that we will NOT have a coordinator for the camp and this is going to cause some issues.  We need somebody that will be able to run the camp (food, accommodations, etc.)  We are going to table this until we see how the applications go and then figure out what or how we are going to run the camp. In the meantime Ed, brought up to send out a “BLAST”!!! to see if somebody would be interested in this position.  Ed, made the motion and Michele M. second.

SJD Website Demo- Jeff: Jeff advised us that the “stateof” is now operational.  BOD,  would like to have a “Youth” page.  Jeff, is going to come up with a new logo and he is requesting Bio & Picture from each of the BOD.

New Business: Michelle W. brought up the fact that the “sponsorship” for this year is WAY down from 2012.  She is proposing to send out a letter to the general membership to see if everybody could help with one sponsorship.  This is the heart of our shows.

Adjourn: Michelle W. made a motion to adjourn.  Michele M. 2nd.






Thurs 8/28 – Sun 9/1

The State of Jefferson chapter wishes to invite the ADULT AMATEUR of any level to experience the ultimate immersion of dressage in beautiful southern Oregon. The goal of our camp is to give riders an opportunity to “camp out” with their equine as well as equestrian friends. The opportunity to accelerate the learning process in theory as well as practice several times daily will greatly expand the rider’s knowledge and confidence.


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