2014 Report

State of Jefferson Chapter of ODS started 2014 off with a party! Our annual chapter holiday party was held in January at Sherry Walker’s barn in Applegate. It was a potluck dinner with delicious BBQ pork prepared by Cassie Soule. Members brought a variety of side dishes. Turnout was good and a fire pit, bales of hay for seating and lots of hot chocolate and coffee turned a chilly night into a good time.

In February SJODS sent 4 members to the annual ODS Officer’s Retreat. Learning about the workings of a non profit and the challenges our organization faces at the state level was educational for everyone that attended.

The first of four planned Jutta Schott Clinics was held in March. Jutta has been working with riders from our chapter and others for almost 20 years. Clinic continuity and her German training has helped many riders in their dressage pursuit. The clinic was filled for our regular two and a half day format.

State of Jefferson Spring Fling League Show was held March 27, at Cygnet Farms in Talent. Debbie Spence judged the show and the number of rides increased from the previous year. Financially the show almost broke even. The chapter is committed to sponsoring one league show a year, regardless of the financial picture, as we feel it is our responsibility to provide entry level competition for horses and riders in Southern Oregon.

In May the second Jutta Schott Clinic was held. Again participation was good and the clinic was full.

A youth clinic with Donna Longacre featured as the clinician was held in August at Madrone Hill Ranch in Gold Hill. The chapter bought a 4 hour training certificate donated by Donna to the Fall Festival Auction and applied that to the clinic to help defray costs. SJODS covered all of Donna’s travel, lodging and meal expenses. Her daily rate for training was divided among the riders which made for very reasonable clinic fee for our young riders. It was a success and most of the riders had never ridden in a clinic or with any trainer other than their own. The chapter is planning to bring Donna back in 2015.

The Jutta Schott Clinic for August had to be cancelled due to lack of participation. Jutta was able to roll her plane ticket over to the October date with a small penalty.

October was a big month for our chapter. Jutta Schott started the month with a clinic the first weekend. The clinic was full with riders preparing for our USEF/USDF/ODS recognized show Dressage In The State of Jefferson, October 11-12.

Dressage In The State of Jefferson was held October 11-12, at Jackson County Expo in Central Point, OR. Loris Henry judged the show. Entries increased from the previous year to the point of creating a “wait list” before the closing day. That couldn’t have made us happier. Fortunately all “wait list” rides were accommodated by the first day of the show which made it even sweeter. Starting early and ending late was the rule of the day for Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to Kathy Casey, working on her “r” judge’s certificate, who judged some rides and kept us within the hours defined in Loris’ contract. The cherry on the top was making a substantial profit on the show which will allow the chapter to continue in 2015 to fund our Youth Scholarship Program, the Spring Fling League Show and the Youth Clinic.