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Ride-a-Test 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun weekend!

A great opportunity to learn and practice the new tests & get your horse out for show experience! This is a non ODS sponsored event. image001April 1 & 2, 2017 at Dancing Creek Farm (Destinations End), Talent, OR; with Debbie Evans USDF Gold Medalist and Freestyle Gold Medalist, with students competing from Training Level through FEI.  Debbie has trained many memorable horses to HOY national dressage awards.  Learn from one of our region’s top competitors!  Video replay and test coaching included! Increase your enjoyment and show more competitively with any horse. $80 per rider.


Potluck at Galloping Farms Saturday night with Debbie.

Information and Sign Ups:  Marleen (541) 476-4849  

Also! Opportunity to get some updated training and learn how to scribe and score dressage tests.




Michelle Woollard



My love of dressage began when, at the age of 8, I was allowed up on a family friend’s dressage horse for a ‘pony ride’.  Eventing was my first discipline with horses, but it didn’t take long before I re-discovered my love of dressage and made it my sole focus.

For the past 15 years, I have concentrated only on dressage and  the goal of my own improvement through it.    I teach a small group of dedicated riders and have three horses of my own who I compete Training through the FEI levels.  My horses are all geldings;  two five-year olds, a Dutch Warmblood and a Lusitano and an 11-year-old Oldenburg.   My main interest now is developing my horses for competition and helping my students enjoy their horses through dressage at whatever level they are working.

I have been involved with the SJ Chapter for a number of years and am excited to be part of it’s future, especially in the development of the Youth Scholarship Program.

I live in Talent with my husband, two children, horses, cat’s and the dog.

Michele Matzen

Maynard, the WonderhorseI am now officially a “Senior Rider”.  I have been riding Dressage since the early 80’s.  Obviously, I am into it.  I started out Eventing which I dearly loved.  Maynard, the horse in the picture is a “Wonder Horse”.  He was 15hands and took me through Training in Eventing.  I found trying to school Prelim.  Was not going to work for us.  He too short, but willing to go, but me too scared to go on.  I loved Dressage anyway, that is weird for a EventerJ  Anyway, I started riding with a gal in Vacaville and our neighbor was Dennis Callen.  He would come over sometimes and give us lessons.  Great teacher.  I moved to the Bay Area and continued my education with Mary Grace Davidson, Lilo Fore, Jutta Schott, Darrin Taplin and ended up riding with Jeff Moore for a few years before coming to Oregon.  Southern Oregon,  I found to be a “Dressage Desert”J  I am happy to say that now we have some wonderful trainers and clinicians in the Valley.  I am having fun, again.

I am happy to serve as Vice President, for the State of Jefferson Chapter.  I have also served as President and a BOD.

Karen Piper

I started riding at the age of 7. My mother was Open Jumper Champion of the State of Washington at that time.  Her trainer a retired Calvary man taught me to ride.  At the age of 9 I was riding with the Woodbrook Hunt Club and rode as Whipper-In when I was 14.  I did a lot of eventing and hunter jumper shows.

My dressage scores were low so I could place in Eventing but not win.  In 1995 I was at Toyon Farms watching a Nigli clinic.  That is when I wanted to really learn to ride Classical Dressage. I started working with Rachel Saavedra on a young horse named Samurai.   I have had 10 youIMG_0630ng horses since then.  I purchased my Hanoverian gelding, Ernst August in 2011 and trained with Tanya Vik. I won the 4th level RAAC in 2013 on Ernst.  I earned my sliver medal in 2015.  He is 18 years old now and continues to improve.  We are working with Michelle Woollard and Kathy Everman and hoping to ride the I1 in the near future.

I have ridden with Chris Rivlin, Jane Schwartz, Andrew Murphy, Sue Curry, Lilo Fore, Heidi Gaian, Jennifer Williams and Michael Lieberg.

I have a miniature pony, London Fog, whom I drive around my farm in the Griffen Creek area. I am dedicated to the sport of Dressage and offer my school master to a select few to ride and learn on.


Elaine Thomas

Elaine & ArtiI have had a love affair with horse my entire life.  I had not owned a horse in 18 years, but when I retired from teaching high school, I bought Artimus (Arti).  Together he and I began learning the art of dressage.  For the past five years it has been a wonderful, frustrating, exciting, exhausting journey and we’ve only just scratched the surface.  We are currently training and showing First Level.  Arti is a capable and willing partner that is exceedingly patient with me learning my part of the “dance.”

I have a husband, two adult children and two grandchildren, none of whom are one bit “horsey.”  But, they are always supportive of my riding and are a reliable source of treats and praise for Arti.  I feel blessed to be retired and able to follow my equine passion.