Dressage in the State of Jefferson Recognized Dressage Show 2018

Dressage in the State of Jefferson, SJODS Annual Recognized Dressage Show – UPDATED Ride Times are Posted 10/3!

Dressage in the State of Jefferson

Opening Date: August 20th, 2018

Closing Date: September 22nd, 2018

Dressage in the State of Jefferson

Saturday& Sunday, October 6 & 7, 2018

Location: Jackson County Expo Central Point, OR

Judge: Janet ‘Dolly’ Hannon (S)

Technical Delegate:  Debbie Moloznik (r)

Secretary/Manager: Kaye Phaneuf

Recognized by: USEF/USDF #329589 (Level 2) ODS #2018-02

CompetitionManagement: Oregon Dressage Society, Inc. (State of Jefferson Chapter)

This show can be entered online at www.EqEntries.com

The Prizelist can be found —> Dressage in the State of Jefferson Dressage Show 2018

Ride Times posted as of 10/3 – Check the Show Office for Posted Official Rides Times & Day Sheets

Rides Times By Rider —> Here

Ride Times/Day Sheet Saturday —> Here

Ride Times/Day Sheet Sunday —> Here



RV Dressage Fun Series – Marc Rijpens Clinic

RV Dressage Fun Series – 3rd Event of the year!

** This event has been cancelled due to unhealthy air quality in the valley **

Held at Three Gaits Farm in Rogue River, OR September 14th-16th,  2018

Marc Rijpens Clinic Flyer

Hello FUN Series Riders! Please open the pdf flyer above.  I just talked with Judy at Three Gaits to syncronize our watches for the third FUN Series weekend, which will be held at her farm in Rogue River.  Reportedly the smoke up that way isn’t as bad as in GP and Medford!  We will proceed on the idea that by the middle of September SURELY the fires will have dwindled down! If you have been itching to send in your deposit checks for the weekend, please do so now.  I have 9 ‘yeses’ and if everyone follows through we will have a full slate of FUN riders.  Address: Marleen Dierkes3712 Elk Ln, Grants Pass, OR 97527.  Checks will be held until the week of the event when I start making trips to Trader Joes.

Your costs include three days of riding with Marc, travel, liability insurance coverage, lunches provided on Fri and Sat (to encourage spectators and hanging around to support friends) and the ride a test on Sunday is complete with ribbons and fun prizes.  Since so many different tests will be ridden, awards will be given for fun and unsual categories.  I suspect Denika can be talked into at least one morning for fresh pasteries?  We are trying to work out a wireless mic system there as well. 
I’ve had a few people respond favorably to the group dinner idea. Friday night after the clinic would be ideal to get acquainted with fellow riders. (plus the soreness won’t have set in by then…)  Judy has some limited stabling and pens available, so you have the option park your horse for a couple of hours or take them home if your live close by.  Her contact info is on the flyer to arrange stabling.
If you haven’t read up on Marc here are his webpages:http://mrdressage.net/about.html .  We met Marc in the 80s and he has given wonderful help in all things equine.  At the time I was riding a young very obstinate swedish mare, and Marc helped me get through to her by breaking it down one barrier at a time until she decided compliance was really her best route.  Still makes me laugh thinking about it!
Let me know if you are hauling with anyone and if you have special ride time needs, Marleen  


This is a NON-ODS Sponsored Event!