Elaine Thomas

Elaine & ArtiI have had a love affair with horse my entire life.  I had not owned a horse in 18 years, but when I retired from teaching high school, I bought Artimus (Arti).  Together he and I began learning the art of dressage.  For the past five years it has been a wonderful, frustrating, exciting, exhausting journey and we’ve only just scratched the surface.  We are currently training and showing First Level.  Arti is a capable and willing partner that is exceedingly patient with me learning my part of the “dance.”

I have a husband, two adult children and two grandchildren, none of whom are one bit “horsey.”  But, they are always supportive of my riding and are a reliable source of treats and praise for Arti.  I feel blessed to be retired and able to follow my equine passion.